080 Barcelona Fashion Week: Paola Molet

From an early age, Paola Molet played the piano, painted and was attracted to anything to do with the artistic world. At the age of 14, she got close to fashion when she was signed up by a modelling agency. After several years of fashion shows, collections and being in the hands of stylists, she decided to study fashion design. She presented her final collection at the Arts Of Fashion Foundation competition in San Francisco, where she was a finalist and finally her dream came true and she became a fashion designer. 

Under her name hides a designer and entrepreneur with business notions that have helped her to understand much better the processes of creating her own brand. She presented her first collection in April during the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and in this latest edition she is once again presenting a new collection called “Camille”. Inspired by Camille Claudel, a French sculptor who lived under the shadow of Rodin and whose work was eclipsed and underestimated by the artist. Paola shows melancholy, sadness, anger and strength through oversize garments where the masculine style takes over the feminine but always letting it show through, as this is the spirit of the collection where she highlights the deconstructed shapes experimenting with them and the fabrics. 
Fabrics such as cold, stiff wool contrast with gauze, organza and tulle to accentuate the battle of femininity against masculinity. Other details such as satin corsets and lace play an important role in this battle. 
One of the most outstanding pieces in the collection is a jacket made with the moulage technique and on its left side a 20-metre strip of tulle decorates it forming sumptuous shapes and volumes. 
For Paola, the design and the story of each collection is the soul of the garment, and then the pattern making and tailoring, taking care of every last detail and thus finishing a perfect puzzle where each piece is important.