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Herdes is an avant-garde publication that offers a different point of view on the travel and fashion scene. Present in 23 countries Worldwide, Herdes has positioned itself as an alternative and inspirational travel collection tailored to a very attractive and difficult-to-achieve readers such as creative opinion leaders sensitive to aesthetics, who are at the forefront of the most cutting-edge destinations, fashion trends and pursuing an exclusive lifestyle. Herdes is a beautiful publication carefully designed with a luxury finish, in which we show architecture, design, fashion and gastronomy from all over the world.

With a high-luxury finish, Herdes positioned itself as an independent alternative travel & fashion publication.

A magazine about

Herdes is a collectable and timeless publication in which each issue is devoted to a single destination. In it, we collect the latest trends in fashion, art, design, and architecture through the eyes of the chosen destination. 

Each issue is accompanied by interviews with local artists, designers and influential people from the fashion, art and design industry. We also show a selection of the most incredible travel photographs and the most exclusive guide that makes Herdes the most unlikely travel and fashion magazine. A visual tour of the most exotic places, the most cosmopolitan cities an the most inspiring cultures that serve as a bible fo our creative readers. 

All this is narrated and captured by the best photographs, stylists, designers and creative talents from different parts of the world who collaborate with Herdes in a very special way and give life to this unprecedented publication.

With a picture perfect distribution. In outlets such as Barnes & Noble (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago), Selfridges & Co (London), Tate Modern Bookshop (London), Harrods (London), Palais du Tokio (Paris), etc.
In over 23 countries Worldwide.
With 335.000 total readers.