Andrés Zurru introduces his new collection without walls

Andrés Zurru introduces his new collection under a common denominator: the punk movement. His collection revolves around a highlighted piece: the vest, under his vision, covered with patches represents in its entirety the essence of this new season, look with which the catwalk will be closed.

“Aberrance”, the name that Zurru has chosen for this collection, is eager to pick up the baton and as it happened in the final stage of the sixties. The property of iconographies, which historically have excluded us, to make our own and empower us. Do you own the military uniform, is it your fetish, your elixir, as before and we did it? Tom of Finland in his illustrations or Robert Mappelthorpe in his photographs, decontextualizing their habitual use, in a narrative, assigning non-formal characteristics, partly sexualized, with gender roles blurring. Creating an alternative masculinity to the actuality arisen.
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