Botanical Rainbow: Loewe’s sensorial kaleidoscope.

Jonathan Anderson is clear in positioning Loewe as a free-spirited cultural brand with an eclectic and prismatic identity connected to the fields of art, craftsmanship, popular culture and nature.

This vision extends to the brand’s perfumes, which have sought to unify and minimise the design of all the bottles in a range of bright colours that together create a botanical rainbow. 

To celebrate the recoding of Loewe’s legendary perfumes, Tyler Mitchell, photographer and filmmaker, has photographed the campaign with a series of images that bring personality, emotion and craftsmanship, showing LOEWE Perfumes as a multi-sensory experience where colour, scent and identity are one.

The nine new faces of the LOEWE Perfumes campaign, with their distinct personalities, are portrayed in relaxed attitudes, along with organic elements that are arranged in Ikebana-like compositions, creating emotions through nature.

The dialogue between the handcrafted multiplicity of the botanical ornaments and the immediacy of the delicate and emotionally faithful portraits conveys a feeling of connection.

Nature shines in its beauty and as a means of creative expression. Humanity is celebrated in its naked, soulful essence, in harmony with nature.

Each fragrance shares the same distinctive bottle shape, but expresses its individual personality through a hue in a kaleidoscope of colour: a bold rainbow of hues reflecting nature’s own vivid colour palette as seen through the prism of human invention.