Braun´s Silk Expert Pro 5: The first pulsed light epilator for men.

Although hair is back in fashion, there are some areas of the body where hair growth bothers us, such as the back, chest and underarms. This summer, look good with the new Silk Expert Pro 5. A new epilator with latest generation IPL technology that allows you to treat hair on the chest, back, arms, abdomen and legs permanently with visible results from the fourth week removing and weakening the hair.

This fabulous device features Sensoadapt technology, which consists of a sensor that identifies your skin tone up to 80 times per second and adapts the intensity of the light automatically, ensuring that it is the right intensity for each skin so that each shot releases the right amount of light to make it very safe and effective. 

In addition, you can adjust the power according to the sensitivity of each area, such as sensitive areas like underarms. 

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 comes with two heads. One precision head, which makes it easy to reach smaller or difficult areas and the other with a wider head, to treat larger areas that require more travel. 

It is so fast that it delivers up to 125 flashes per minute, allowing you to treat the chest and abdomen in less than 5 minutes at the lowest energy level. 

Forget about going to any beauty salon because the IPL hair removal revolution has come to your home from Braun