CLO EMOTIONAL DESIGN: Slow Fashion and sustainability

In a world where fashion has become Fast Fashion and it is quite difficult to digest and enjoy everything we wear, CLO Emotional Design is born, a conceptual and conscious retail brand that places craftmanship and sustainability at the heart of their values. CLO defines a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. Their exclusive handcrafted fashion creations include elegant and timeless pieces designed by Covadonga Rodriguez, a Spanish designer who is an advocate of the Slow Fashion sustainable concept. She is inspired by modern cosmopolitan women who favour effortless, yet sophisticated clothes, combined with relaxed tailored shapes. CLO’s portfolio incorporates signature designs such as beautiful and versatile resort wear, as well as high-quality winter pieces made of sustainable leather and shearling. 

Their iconic creations are locally sourced and made in Spain using natural and noble materials, such as silk, napa leather and linen, following only sustainable processes; they are, at heart, a celebration of the ‘savoir faire’ of the most renowned Spanish artisan trades, combined with cutting-edge international artist collaborations. 

Their exclusive and unique clothes are complemented by other elements that help create a coherent lifestyle, including jewellery, home decoration and art, as well as signature aromas and fragrances. 

CLO’s emphasis on emotion is enthused by the idea of conscious buying, focusing on quality-based lasting creations that are purchased because of an emotional connection with the piece rather than being driven by the need to consume. As part of their commitment to the Slow Fashion Movement, CLO inspires us to reconsider our shopping habits with the aim to help create a more ethical fashion industry that benefits, not only the planet, but also all the people behind the manufacturing, as well as their customers. 

Involved with local crafts and art. 

CLO partners with different artists and craftsmen to create some of its iconic products such as its ceramics, made by Spanish ceramists, international graphic designers who create prints, jewellers and metal artisans who create spectacular jewellery or perfumers, who help create CLO’s scented candles for the home. 

Materials that create a balance

CLO believes in balance, as the basis of sustainability and wellbeing. They believe that balance in the selection of their materials is key and its use should be consistent with the relationship between man and nature. 

Their choice of leather and shealing stems solely from the leftovers generated from the meat industry which are then turned into useful by-products, becoming an essential part of the food supply chain. They are then masterfully tanned and dyed by some of the best leather masters in Spain. 

Lamb napa is also one of the materials used regularly in CLO’s collections. With a focus on excellent attention to detail and the quality of the finishing touches, this material ensures great comfort and wearability. 

Balance is also applied to CLO’s selection of textiles where noble fabrics such as silk are combined with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton and even lurex, always following the very essential appreciation of balance and sustainability. 

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