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Auguste Fauchon, the leading figure of French luxury gastronomy, opened his first delicatessen shop in the Place de la Madeleine in 1886. In September 2018, the family-owned company brought the iconic brand to the next level, opening its first concept hotel, Fauchon l’Hôtel, in the same place where it all started.

Hotel Fauchon is located in the heart of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine, in the distinguished 8th arrondissement. The district is home of world-famous attractions like Les Champs Elisées, l’Arc de Triomphe or le Grand Palais, and it’s also the bustling centre of commerce, culture, gastronomy and architecture of France.

A classical cream-coloured and elegant Haussmann building —a symbol of Paris par excellence since the XIX century— harbours the boutique hotel. The project not only has become the home of the historic brand and an excellent opportunity to let hosts immerse in it, but a complete and unique experience, that blends culinary excellence with creativity, design, modernity, and refinement.

With its gorgeous views of the city’s rooftops to its chic interiors, dominated by fuchsia, black and white, Hotel Fauchon has managed to keep the delicacy and exquisiteness that has always defined the brand from a new modern perspective. And that has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the prestigious architect Richard Martinet and Atelier Paluel Marmont.

The hotel’s decoration includes original designs of furniture, lighting, panelling and carpeting developed by a team of designers, artists and craftsmen who have found a unique way to bring the flavours of Fauchon to its now live design. 

With 54 rooms, a restaurant with a terrace, a fitness centre and a Carita Spa, Fauchon has a lot to offer. Still, of course, the best to start with is with the food, at any time of the day, at Café Fauchon, where you can delight yourself in the sunny terrace, observing Paris movement in real-time, or stay inside, more cosy and intimate. 

Homemade pastries, different types of bread, fresh juices, hot drinks, teas, cakes, exotic fruits, cheeses, chutneys, and smoked fish are available for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, the hotel’s chefs shine at reinventing traditional French récipes. Fauchon poultry with pâté of veal, mushrooms, foie gras and slightly acid juice or carpaccio of scallops with pickles and creamy shavings are some of the dishes available.

Fauchon Hotel has a Chef Service too, which allows you to ask any dish in the comfort of your intimacy, and even In-Room Gourmet Moments. The service will make sure that your wine or champagne will be served within ten minutes since you ask for it. And there’s a Preparation in Room service too, which will bring the chef himself to you to finish the dish on the spot.

Editor´s Quote

If you are a lover of the most famous pastry shop in the world, this is your personal paradise. Each room has a minibar full of complimentary Fauchon brand delicacies.

J. Garrido


4 Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris, France.
Tel +33 1 87 86 28 00

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