Gucci: Aria Collection. 100 years of history.

To celebrate 100 years of Gucci´s history, Alessandro Michele and Floria Sigismondi present the Aria collection, a fusion of brands and styles that make this proposal atypical. 

100 years ago Guccio Gucci founded a small shop in Florence. To celebrate its history, Gucci wanted to do something special, from sending out invitations with riddles and crosswords called GUCCIQUIZ! to attend the virtual presentation, to the unveiling of its most atypical collection. 

Floria Sigismondi, the multidisciplinary artist and videographer created this short film with a setting that fused her signature style seen previously in other works with Michele’s incredible creative flair and managed to reflect references to the entire history of the Italian brand. 

The unexpected surprise that gave a lot to talk about was the appropriation of the classic Balenciaga logo, or rather, the cession that Demna Vasaglia, creative director of Balenciaga, made to Michele to combine both logos and create a supergarment with both brands. Its iconic symbolism and classic Gucci garments set off a time bomb in the fashion world, becoming the garments of choice for all fashion victims. 

Another tribute to Tom Ford, one of the creative directors of Gucci’s history, with tailored suits as one of the star pieces during his career at Gucci. 

Once again Alessandro Michele wins the gold star of the season with this magnificent collection full of surprises.