Creative director Alessandro Michele has created the magnificent idea behind the Gucci Campaign for the new watch collection, getting inspired by one of the most human interactions ever: the handshake.

This gesture of inclusion has quickly become the true symbol of the campaign. Ari Marcopolous manages to capture a very unique electoral candidate whom during the campaign meets and greets a variety of different personalities that help the camera address and dismantle the myth around power.

The main characters on the campaing are the two new versions of the G-Timeless Automatic watch and the timeless new model: the Grip, which name comes not only from the way fits perfectly to the wrist but also makes a nod to the skateboard slang using the same term with which it refers to how the shoes fit the skateboard’s sandpaper, the griptape.

The Grip has been design by Alessandro Michele without a gender in mind making it suitable to every Gucci Lover.

One of the Grip models features three dials that indicate the time, minute and date, and a yellow gold PVD bracelet with the engraved GG logo. The other Grip model is characterized by a steel case and an interchangeable green strap in alligator leather. 

On the other hand, the G- Timeless Automatic makes the difference compared to its predecessors featuring Gucci’s already iconic bee motif overlaid on the onyx dials.

This campaign will be launch this month of June and you can discover all models here: