JOALI BEING: Beyond the concept of wellness.

If you thought that Joali, which opened its doors in 2018, was a unique luxury resort in the Maldives, get ready because JOALI BEING is coming; the first “wellbeing” resort in the Maldives. 

Designed as a ‘wellbeing’ resort – going a step beyond the wellness concept – and committed to immersion in nature, offering fully personalised and results-driven transformative programmes, with the ultimate goal of guests returning home feeling refreshed, replenished and inspired, with a new sense of ‘weightlessness’. The resort, the first of its kind in the Maldives, will offer some of the finest wellness facilities and unique transformational spaces, with hydrotherapy, movement and sound healing experiences.

JOALI BEING will occupy the natural island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll, just 35 minutes by seaplane from Male International Airport, with the option of a private transfer. There will be 68 villas, divided into exclusive beach villas and water villas, each with its own personal butler or “Jadugar”, which means “skilled wizard” in Dhivehi. All villas feature private plunge pools and a variety of special offers, such as personalised mini-bars, meditative balancing musical instruments, wellness games and much more. JOALI BEING also features an exclusive, fully equipped four-bedroom overwater villa with a magnificent uninterrupted view of the ocean, as well as a wellbeing room and a movement room.

With the untouched wild vegetation of the island, JOALI BEING has been built following the principles of biophilic design, a scientific system of architecture and design that integrates nature, with the aim of achieving harmony by eliminating negative vibrations and improving the energy flow of the island. The architectural concept for the resort was guided by JOALI BEING’s architect, Cuneyt Bukulmez, and interior design studio, Autoban – both of whom also led the design concept for JOALI Muravandhoo Island.

To realise the wellbeing therapy that Joali Being aims to present, the resort will feature a collection of transformative spaces that span the island.

AREKA, the new Wellness Centre, will open its doors to fully immersive wellness experiences, scientific therapies and diagnostic services, educational programmes, specialised therapeutic and alternative healing treatments, as well as extensive fitness facilities. It has 39 carefully designed treatment rooms and transformational spaces, including a Hydrotherapy Room, which features a Sensory Deprivation Room, a Russian Banya, aquatic therapies, a Salt Inhalation Room and a Hammam. There is also a separate Pilates Studio, an overwater meditation deck called the Ocean Sala and a “movement analysis” tool. JOALI BEING guests can also experience the unique benefits of the Sound Therapy Room and the Sound Path to Discovery, created in collaboration with visionary and sound healing consultant, Aurelio C. Hammer (also known as Svaram).

AKTAR is JOALI BEING’s Herbal Centre, inspired by the rich heritage and history of the healing powers of herbs. Guests can address their mind, skin, microbiome and energy concerns with the on-site herbal medicine specialist, who specialises in the preparation of natural remedies using herbs, spices and essential oils. Thanks to a library and a calendar of interactive workshops, guests can discover the benefits of herbal teas and learn how to make natural body creams, masks and massage oils. The AKTAR Shop also offers a selection of dried herbs, oils and natural cosmetics for purchase.

At Herdes we love gastronomy, but the culinary arts at JOALI BEING go beyond that and offer us many options to enjoy and take care of our nutrition. They focus primarily on an “earth to table” initiative, which promises traceability of ingredients and offers fresh, locally harvested food that supports small farmers and is sustainably sourced. All food and beverage options at JOALI BEING have been expertly selected with the help of the resort’s nutritionists, offering a selection of flavours and cuisines, with healthy yet indulgent dining options. If guests wish, personalised nutrition sessions and jointly developed menu recommendations are available.

JOALI BEING has a large, open and interactive dining space, known as FLOW, which features signature cuisines. Plantae, which offers vegetarian cuisine; Su, which serves ocean-to-table pescatarian fare; and B’Well, which offers JOALI BEING’s signature menu, including a selection of “earth-to-table” dishes. Mojo is the island’s tropical beach sanctuary, set on a three-level sundeck, offering an ideal spot for dining and sunset aperitifs by the pool. It is also home to the SAI Tea Lounge, which serves an incredible variety of teas and hosts tea ceremonies and educational tea sessions by the resident tea sommelier. JOALI BEING guests will also be able to enjoy interactive nutritional cooking classes at the resort’s Culinary Learning Centre, which will offer fully equipped cooking spaces for each participant.

Joali, which has always been all about conservation and sustainability, will this time do so by hosting one of the Maldives’ Turtle Conservation Sanctuaries, as well as a reef restoration project and a Coral Nursery. The resort is also collaborating with EarthCheck to introduce sustainability initiatives that have a long-term impact. The island’s sustainability infrastructure includes a Desalinated Water Bottling Plant, a Rainwater Harvesting and Grey Water Recycling System, a Glass Crusher and Recycler, a 1750 Food Waste Composter, a Vegetable Waste Crusher for fertiliser and a Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant for safe disposal.

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