Patina Maldives: A Unique Proposal in the Maldives that Combines Design, Gastronomy, Fun and Relaxation.

A new resort concept arrives in the Maldives hoping to be a place on the lips of the nomadic jet set. 

Opened in spring this year, Patina is located on the Fari Island archipelago north of Male and is only a 20-minute speedboat ride from Velana International Airport. Time enough to realise that you’ve just landed in paradise after a long journey with perhaps a few connections between flights. 

After the 20 minute crossing, the boat starts to slow down and in the distance you can see the Patina jetty where five or six people from the Patina team welcome you with a round of applause. You’ve done it! You have just arrived at what will be your next five days full of unforgettable experiences. 

A long walkway connects the jetty to the island and while your Mr. Friday (butler, named after the best day of the week) welcomes you and explains that we will check in at the villa, you can observe something unusual in the Maldives; a marina ready to receive several luxury yachts. The only one of its kind.

Our Mr. Friday gives us a quick tour of the island. Patina Maldives has 90 two and three-bedroom beach and water villas and 20 studios in a private sanctuary. Designed for privacy and socialising with Fari Marina Village and Fari Beach Club, with dining options, shops and the occasional fun food truck. 

This time we stayed in a Water Villa. The architecture is magnificent and is reflected in the accommodation, restaurants and social buildings by Brazilian architect Marco Kogan of Studio MK27. The lines are delicate and very simple, moving away from ostentation, with natural materials such as wood, linen, rattan, stone and natural fibres, all in earthy colours to connect with nature. Each villa has an outdoor infinity pool which merges with the sea on the horizon. Next to it, a stone bathtub for moments of absolute relaxation. A large glass window separates the exterior from the interior with a sophisticated opening mechanism that allows the room to be opened on three sides and creates a feeling of a completely open space surrounded by lush nature. 

Although it was not necessary to leave the room, there was no lack of desire to discover the island and the appetite was also beginning to make itself felt, but we had a hard time deciding where to start since there are 12 proposals, each one more appetising than the last. There are 9 restaurants to choose from and 3 food trucks. You can try everything from Japanese cuisine with Nordic fusion, to plant-based meals focused on nutrition with natural ingredients from the home garden, to grilled Latin cuisine or modern Asian food. An endless range of proposals with exceptional quality and creativity. 

Many of these restaurants are located in the exclusive Marina Village, a completely innovative concept in the Maldives to welcome visitors from other islands to sample its gastronomic offerings, shop in some of the boutiques or enjoy its Beach Club. Patina offers social fun as well as disconnection and isolation, depending on the client’s preferences. 

We could dedicate an entire issue to Patina Maldives and also talk about its fun Kids Club, its relaxing Spa or its commitment to sustainability and the environment. We’ll have to do another article or you can discover it for yourself by visiting this corner of paradise. 

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