The Azorean Issue - Vol. X

The Azorean Issue - Vol. X





Since 2016, Herdes has become a benchmark in travel and fashion, both for the way we show the content and the form of the publication we offer: A collector’s book, with an exquisite design and finish.

At Herdes we have stayed true to our vision to create a lifestyle guide marked by fashion, places, culture, diversity and the arts. A journey where the images are powerful, revealing the creativity of our team and contributors.

With this tenth issue we want to celebrate the positioning and notoriety of Herdes in the world of independent magazines. A world that shines more than ever, offering publications with a high level of creativity, quality, trend and design.

Azores, an archipelago bordering Europe, lost in the Atlantic and discovered by chance. Chance or destiny? In either case, discovering them was a joy that today defines the character and history of the Azoreans.

Its volcanic geography and the obsessive creations of extravagant gardeners have turned these islands into a giant greenhouse where infinite species of flowers and plants of all kinds grow, brought from the most remote corners of the planet. They call it the European New Zealand, because of its vertiginous cliffs, its exotic vegetation and the love of surfing thanks to the strong winds and exaggerated waves. But nature is not all, its history and its strategic location during the conquests of the Americas, has made the Azores an effervescent place of traditions, culture and in recent years, a place of inspiration for artists.

Pages: 240
Cover: 2 Covers / Hardcover
Measures: 230 x 300 mm.

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Casa do Lagoa, Ribeira Grande


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