Autumn / Winter 2018-2019

Berlin is a powerful metamorphosis, which simply captivates because of its yearning for freedom to be, to create and to evolve. And thus, with its vibrant magnetism, it moves along to the rhythm of the times.But the city also grows in the buildings of flats whose entry is forbidden; in the improvised, nearly clandestine art galleries where it comes to light, catching its breath to face the world; in the permeability of someone who opens up to share themselves, but most of all, to get to know the other; in everyday life that seems not to matter to anyone and is what matters the most to us. The city’s true architecture lies in its people: passersby who—with their manner of walking—design its future, the artists who bring concepts, ideas and dreams to life, the young people who make the silent past of the cobblestones come alive again without knowing it, battering against the walls of history to break them down and usher in a new era. Berlin is a reflection of all this, of what happens on the periphery to become the centre once again.

Photographed by Gloria Silva
Photographed by Yoye / Styling by Alberto Murtra

Alicja Kwade.Alicja is a Polish, living in Berlin, contemporary visual artist. Her sculptures and installations focus on the subjectivity of time and space. She manipulates common materials like wood, glass, and copper through chemical processes to explore the ephemerality of the physical world. Her works often include reflection, repetitive sounds, and inaccurate doubling to create immersive and experiential spaces that beg the viewers to question their perceptions of reality.

Somewhere in Berlin. Photographed by Ignacio Bandera
Right page: Photographed by Yoye
Left Page: Photographed by Gloria Silva / Right Page: Photographed by Yoye

Fomme.Fomme is a young brand that you started in 2016. What about the begining, how was it?Well I was basically a bit pushed into it and did not really realized that I am starting it, fortunately.But I have to admit, starting a label with just getting out of university is a tough one. Especially out of an artsy one like UdK which is not that much industrial connected, at least during my times there.It is quite of a hustle to make the world notice that you exist while finding out how the industry is really working on the business side and too course also the technical one. It was a tough start, but I would never regret to have done that. I really learned again so much more and lets say different things than in my 4 years of fashion study before. I totally appreciate it. 

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