The Moroccan Issue



Spring / Summer 2019

In Morocco, life is a street where fortunes for the day are decided together with the bargains at the markets, the discordant chorus of voices overlapping to create an overwhelming tapestry of sound, the choreographed hustle and bustle full of intentions, the pervasive smells that mutate into a single identity, the burst of colour in a flavourful beehive. The streets are an open book that is opened behind a door; the door is the point of transit between the skin and the insides. In Morocco, the cities have been built by colour; they have arisen from the dusty recesses of the earth to endure to the present: yesterday, today and tomorrow are the same thing, although we’ll be different. Architecture takes the shape of a mountain as it is sustained by life itself; emotions hewn out of the rock and wood are built on the sands of time. Morocco is a patchwork of identities that are rooted in the ground and inexorably grow towards the sky; it is the womb where our ancestors continue to live on, a journey inside our very selves from within.
Photo by Gloria Silva
Photo by Yoye
Artsi Ifrach
Artsi Ifrach is the creative mind behind the Moroccan label Maison ARTC. Based in Marrakech, his work as a designer lies outside of the fashion industry. Using exclusively recycled raw materials such as vintage fabrics, old metals or family heirlooms, he creates one of a kind pieces where the richness of traditional culture is the main character of his imagery. Giving a new life to those hidden treasures he manages to create a true and magic dialogue between past, present and future.
Photo by Yoye
Yves Saint Laurent.
It was due to the light. The sun came out and with it, a love affair that was intense, a boundless source of inspiration and lifelong. It captured everything and went straight to the heart. It bathed everything with the powerful force of colours, the poetic expression of the architecture, returning the streets to their unceasing hustle and bustle and, in the face of such a landscape—of life in its most unadulterated state—Yves Saint Laurent and his inseparable partner Pierre Bergé, fell hopelessly in love with the beauty of Marrakech. The source of life in its purest form changed both their lives, the history of Marrakesh and the course of fashion. And as if they were one body, they breathed the same air to mutually reciprocate each other’s feelings in this story. It was 1966, and Yves Saint Laurent described how they discovered that wonderful light shining over the city, after the many days of rain that had left them unable to leave the hotel La Mamounia: “Once I grew sensitive to light and colors, I especially noticed the light on colors … , on every street corner in Marrakech, you encounter astonishingly vivid groups of men and women, which stand out in a blend of pink, blue, green, and purple caftans
Photo by Gloria Silva