Carolina Herrera breaks the rules with Bad Boy

Carolina Herrera starts a new adventure with BAD BOY, a fascinating fragrance that brings the myth of the eternal rebel to our time. He is the one who dares to break the rules and walk his own path.

Carolina Herrera launches an innovative and explosive new masculine perfume: Eau de Toilette Bad Boy. A powerful and sophisticated scent for unique and irreverent men who dare to embrace all of the facets of contemporary manhood.

Bad Boy celebrates new masculinity: multifaceted and surprising. Men are pure duality: strong and sensitive; powerful and empathetic; heroic and vulnerable. Bad Boy is a tribute to empowered men who dare to follow their own path and who are not afraid to express and share their feelings.

This Eau de Toilette aims for excellence: surprising, elegant, powerful and sexy. Those are the codes of a fragrance built around opposites. The obscurity of Tonka Bean, Cacao and Ambar Wood contrasts with the luminosity of Sage, Black and White Pepper and Bergamot. This energizing duality is empowering and reflects the unique and complex personality of a Bad Boy. Bad Boy is an ode to rebellious men who fight for their principles and who like to be faithful to their own identity. Bad Boys are confident: their self-esteem arises from their determined and bold personality.

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Photo by Yoye

Set Design by Carlos Marán

Loewe Solo Ella

Loewe Solo

An innovation in the women fragrance’s world

Photographed by Yoye. Idea by Javier Garrido

Eau de Parfum fresh, floral and fruity, LOEWE SOLO Ella is a fragrance with its own personality, feminine and made of contrasts thanks to the combination of the orange notes with green apple notes, white flowers bouquet and white woods.

A unique, new and mysterious composition that respects the structure of all the LOEWE SOLO fragrances created as of opposed chords in a perfect balance. 

An innovation in the women fragrance’s world.

Olfactory notes

Wet Stone chord: Green tea, White Woods (Heliotropo)
Dry Wood chord: Virginia cedar wood, Amber
Floral chord: Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom, Damascena Rose, Violet Flower
Fruity chord: Bitter orange, Apple, Pear, Peach