You’ll burn in Hell

Photographer: Tamara Ruibalrua
Models: Michael Wahl, Matthew Woda, Marc Prats
Stylist: Paula Burbank
MUAH: Sandra Martin
Stylist Assistant: Valeria Burbank and Antía Duran

Marc: Cos brown trousers, Dulfor t-shirt, Wild shirt and Dr. Martens boots
Michael: Hugo red shirt, Vintage shirt, Leather pants, Leather jacket and Dr. Martens shoes
Matthew: Zara Man Suit, Boss blouse and tie, Vintage pins, Dr. Martens boots
Marc: Brandit bomber jacket, Vitange camo shirt, camo pants, Obey beanie, Dr. Martens boots
Michael: Carhart shirt, North Face pants, Vintage suspensers and gloves, Dr. Martens shoes
Matthew: Carhart demin shirt, Levis demin, Vintage sunglasses, Dr. Martens boots

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